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Dog Grooming Services

Full Groom

Our main service for dogs is to provide Full Grooms. As each breed is unique and requires different techniques we have made our price list so it is breed specific. 

A Full Groom includes:

  • 7 Point Health Check - We check eyes, ears, nose, mouth & teeth, skin & coat, genitals, feet, pads & nails. We record these down and report back to you after the groom

  • Pre Groom - This includes a brush and comb removing matts and tangles. Clean the eyes, clean the ears and trim the nails

  • Bath & Blow Dry - This includes a professional shampoo of your choice and a thorough clean of skin and coat with a massage 

  • Styling - Your dog will be groomed to your desire (Clipping, trimming, etc) 

  • Finishing Coat Spray - Finished off with a long lasting fragranced coat conditioning spray


We know that sometimes, in between grooms and on one off occasions, a treatment or addition service with a groom is required.

Below are our main treatments, however if your dog requires a touch up or a specific requirement that you do not see please give us a call to discuss.


  • Wash & Blow Dry This includes a brush and comb through then a bath and blow dry. No trimming, no clipping, just a fresh smelling dog!

  • Parasite Removal This includes a bath with Ridasect shampoo and tick removal if required

  • Hygiene Clip If your dog has problems where they can not clean the rear end and require a clip to keep clean we can do that for you

  • Puppy Intro for puppies, grooming is a new experience and takes a few steps to get used to. This is a great way to start! 

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